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Birkin authorizes Hermès to continue using her name

Sep 11, 2015 France
Birkin authorizes Hermès to continue using her name
The France-based company reiterated its commitment to the ethical treatment of crocodiles in its partner farms. Actress Jane Birkin satisfied with the company's efforts
Hermès, underlining its #commitment to implement the best practice in the farming of crocodiles, working with professional crocodile farmers and their attached local communities", confirmed it is in “strictest compliance with international regulations”.

In a statement issued today, the France-based company re-stated its commitment to “support the development of best standards for the entire profession. In the United States, the document of reference is the Best Management Practices for Louisiana Alligator Farming. We demand that these Louisiana practices be the reference applied by all our suppliers in the US, Texas included.”

The actress Jane Birkin has asked the company further explanations about standards at Hermès crocodile farming partners after a video was released showing some suspect images at an allegedly Hermès supplier.

Now, the France-based company is confirming that it has established a comprehensive and rigorous audit programme for all suppliers of its crocodile skins. The programme concerns notably the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), good practices for farming, procedures for slaughter, environmental management, social conditions of employees and the security of work conditions and infrastructures. Hermès is making it mandatory for partner farms to adopt its farming charter, established in partnership with expert veterinarians. The signature and unconditional respect of this charter are imperative conditions to continued relations with suppliers based upon the highest standards in the ethical treatment of crocodiles.

Actress Jane Birkin is now satisfied with how the company ensures the ethical treatment of crocodiles reared for their skins. Hermès underlines “that these farming practices have contributed to saving the species by repopulating alligators in their natural habitat. Since its foundation, Hermès has conducted its activities driven by a profound respect for nature”.

Birkin bags are Hermes’s most iconic product, and have an average price ranging from 9 400 US dollars for an entry model to 68 000 US dollars for a new 40-centimeter version in crocodile. Celebrities such as Vitoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and singer and actress Jennifer Lopez are known as assumed fans of the Birkin bags.

Image credits: Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images

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