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Are counterfeit products still an issue?

Jun 13, 2017 World
Are counterfeit products still an issue?
For years counterfeit goods have been an issue for governments and big corporations. The footwear industry is one the most affected by it, especially if we think of athletic footwear
Customs do their best to inspect, analyze and control products that are imported into a country, but it’s hard to control when the volume of imported goods surpasses million of units per month or year.

Furthermore, customs are more focused on controlling other aspects when it comes to imports, such as drugs and other illicit products (such as guns). And so, many individuals and companies continue to copy and produce counterfeit goods, especially in footwear.

Nike, adidas, New Balance and other popular brands are the main target when it comes to producing counterfeit products since they are very popular (and expensive) and people want to have them for a lower price.

A critical factor that helped to boost the commerce of fake products was the global access to the internet. In the past, it was hard to make these products reach the main markets - Europe and the US.

But now one can easily attract consumers to an online shop. Besides, there are many online marketplaces whose only purpose is to sell counterfeit products. Footwear, jerseys, leather accessories and among others can be bought and shipped worldwide.
Nonetheless, international and national authorities have been working hard to not only shut down these organizations but also to educate consumers about the disadvantages and dangers of buying non-official products.

For instance, there are multiple youtube channels and websites that exist to help consumers detect fake products.

Is footwear in danger?

No more than it was before. Sure, individuals will continue to try to sell fake shoes through online marketplaces, but footwear companies, especially athletic brands, are starting to have more differentiated products that are harder to copy since they include high-tech functions or materials.