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20 billion pairs in 2010

Sep 8, 2011 World
20 billion pairs in 2010
World Footwear production has reached an historical maximum
For the first time ever, the world’s footwear production exceeds the 20 billion pair barrier (Source: World Footwear Yearbook 2011). China strengthened its role as the main protagonist in the sector, guaranteeing 62.4% of production, the equivalent to 12 597 million pairs in 2010. In total, the Asian continent guarantees 87% of footwear production. The footwear export numbers at a world level amount to 13 billion pairs, worth 85 billion dollars, which represents a growth of 12% in relation to the previous year. Also at this level, China is the clear leader with a market share, in terms of quantity, of 73.4% (the equivalent of 9 930 million pairs of footwear exported in 2010). In terms of worth, however, China’s relative weight is substantially less, the equivalent to just 38.5% of the total.