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Lineapelle and London College of Fashion launch contest in collaboration

Jan 15, 2021 Italy
Lineapelle and London College of Fashion launch contest in collaboration
Approximately 50 students are taking part in the competition aiming to promote leather as a sustainable material to future generations of stylists and fashion designers
Developed by Lineapelle in partnership with London College of Fashion, UAL, the project involves approximately 50 students and two courses: BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Innovation and BA (Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories: Product Design and Innovation.

According to Lineapelle, the contest has two very distinct objectives: firstly, it requires students to develop an all-round understanding of the characteristics of leather material, while the second aim is to encourage them to consider how leather can be used in the development of their creative designs, and the students will be asked to come up with prototypes that must be innovative and sustainable. In addition, particular attention will be paid to designs that have successfully interpreted the needs of the end consumer in a contemporary global context. This might include environmental and ethical concerns in relation to climate change and the global COVID-19 pandemic; among other factors that have contributed to a change in consumer needs and behaviours.

The programme invites students to create a collection that takes its cues from the style trends of Autumn/Winter 2021/22. Lineapelle will supply the leather and this can be used alongside other natural materials. One important condition is that no leather imitations can be used. As part of the project, Lineapelle Training will provide the students with extensive online workshops with key staff from the brand, and these will include economic analysis of the sector, lessons on leatherwork techniques, seminars on leather as a sustainable and recyclable material, and an in-depth look at fashion trends for Winter 2021/22.

Officially launched on the 13th of October 2020, the scheme invites students to develop a prototype that will be judged in February 2021. The prototypes selected will then go on to the next stage when product materials and manufacturing processes will be fine-tuned. There will be two winners (one for shoes and one for leather goods) who will be announced by the end of summer 2021 and will then go on a tour of Italian tanneries and manufacturing firms.

Image credits: Diego PH on Unsplash

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