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Tata International to reinforce presence in North America

Feb 3, 2016 North America
Tata International to reinforce presence in North America
One of the key manufacturers and exporters of leather footwear has decided to reduce its dependence on Europeans countries and focus on markets in North America and in the Southern hemisphere

A fall in demand from the European clients in 2015 has posed challenging questions to the India-based company, and Tata International decided to bring down the exposure in Europe. The group will now focus on markets such as the US and Canada. At the same time the group aims to consolidate its presence in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile, according to N. Mohan, Global Business Head, Footwear and Leather Garments, as quoted by the international press.

As currently reported, Indian footwear manufacturers are essentially tied to the European markets, where they have more clients ordering small batches, while buyers from the US, usually look for bulkier orders.

Impacted by the economic slowdown, Tata International has postpone its expansion plan and its production target, which has delayed the setup of a production unit near Chennai. The group has announced previously the aim to produce 10 million pair by 2016-17, which also has been postponed ad the company announced new targets of 7.8 million pairs for next year and 10 million pairs in the coming years.