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World Footwear Yearbook content: Top exporters

World Footwear Yearbook content: Top exporters
Despite all the movements in the footwear industry and the instability felt in the markets, in 2018 the list of main footwear exporters remained similar to the previous year. Data is from the World Footwear Yearbook 2019
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An analysis to the world's main exporting countries in 2018 allows some interesting conclusions. China continues to be the indisputable leader in this industry and in 2018 was the origin of almost two thirds of all footwear exports. However, its market share fell by 1.3 percentage points in 2018 alone, continuing a downward trend since 2010: over the last eight years, China’s share has already lost 9 percentage points, and this rises to 11 p.p. if mainland China and Hong Kong are counted together.

Vietnam leads the countries that have been gaining market share from China, having increased its own by 4.6 p.p. India, Indonesia, and Turkey are other beneficiaries of this realignment of world trade.

Compared to previous year, in 2018 Turkey left the group (moving to 7th place) and Indonesia climbed some positions in the rank.

Source: World Footwear Yearbook

World Footwear Yearbook

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