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Consumption: continental convergence still distant

Consumption: continental convergence still distant
Despite all the movements registered in the international markets in the last few years, perfect convergence between continents' consumption is still distant. Information is from the World Footwear Yearbook 2019
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Over the last decade, footwear consumption patterns have changed to reflect the international demographic and economic dynamics (More information HERE).

As a result of such dynamics, in continental terms, Asia buys most of the shoes sold around the world. Asia’s share of total world consumption has increased by 5 percentage points since 2010, reaching a share of 53.8% in total consumption in 2018. In the same period, Africa’s cosnumption also increased by 4 percentage points. Moving in the opposite direction, Europe’s share fell by 5 percentage points and North America’s by 3, resulting in shares of correspondly, 15.2% and 14.5%.

Despite all the movements occured in the last few years, perfect convergence between continents is still distant: per capita consumption varies threefold between 5.6 pairs in North America and 1.7 in Africa.

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