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World Footwear Yearbook: 2016 edition is now available

Jul 27, 2016 World
World Footwear Yearbook: 2016 edition is now available
During a press conference held on today in Düsseldorf at the GDS trade fair, APICCAPS revealed the most recent figures for the 2015 worldwide footwear industry
The World Footwear project, developed by APICCAPS, the Portuguese Footwear, Components and Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association, in partnership with GDS presented the sixth edition of its Yearbook.

The World Footwear Yearbook offers a comprehensive picture of the footwear industry worldwide, focusing on the main trends at international trade, consumption and production. Global information is enriched by dozens of individual country profiles, with 79 territories under analysis.

According to the World Footwear in 2015 the worldwide production of footwear reached 23.0 billion pairs, a slight decrease of 0.4% from the previous year. Apart from a decrease registered in in 2009, during the financial crisis, this is the first time in decades that footwear production levels decline.

At continental level, the geographical structure of the industry remains broadly unchanged from previous years. With 87% of world production, Asia is the hub of the footwear industry, with 7 out of the 10 main footwear producers.

At country level, China is the indisputable leader, producing almost 6 out of every 10 pairs of shoes sold in the world. China’s share in the world production has increased in a sustained way in the last few decades, and has peaked in 2013. However, in the last 2 years the country has lost quota in the world production and is back to the share levels of 2010.

Asia continues to increase its lead as the largest footwear-consuming continent, as its share of consumption (53%) matches its share of the world population (60%). At country level, China is the largest footwear market, buying almost one out of every five pairs of shoes sold worldwide.

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