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Why Shoes?, a new thematic exhibition in France

Apr 22, 2015 France

The retrospective exhibition by Xavier G-Solis, was inaugurated last week at the International Footwear Museum in France

The show traces the evolulition and work of Catalan artist, philosopher, training sculptor and visual artist Xavier G-Solis. For over 15 years, the artist has led a reflection on the concept of "worn shoes", objects seeing as symbols of the relationship between people and the surrounding world.

Xavier G-Solis transforms worn shoes and uses them in challenging installations and performances, resulting in very strong visual works with graphic and stage elements such as photographs, videos and sculptures.

The new exhibition, Why Shoes?, will be hosted at the International Footwear Museum (Musée International de la Chaussure) in Romans (Drôme-France), until the 25th October 2015.

More information available on the Museum's website.

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