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Skechers expands its European Distribution Center

Jul 19, 2016 Belgium
Skechers expands its European Distribution Center
The footwear giant announced the completion of the 4th phase of an expansion to its European Distribution Center (EDC) in Belgium with an additional 26 500 m2
With this new expansion Skecher’s EDC will amount to a total size of approximately 98 500 m2.

“To meet the increased demand, we are investing in our infrastructure, including improved efficiencies in our European Distribution Center, which allowed us to achieve a record 3 million pairs shipped in a month during February and 8.1 million pairs for the first quarter of 2016”, stated David Weinberg, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Skechers, adding: “With the completion of our European Distribution Center expansion and with the automation to be fully completed later this year, we expect to be even more efficient in our largest market outside of the United States and prepared for continued growth in Europe.”

Back in April, Skechers reported its highest first quarter net sales in the company's history of 978.8 million US dollars which was primarily the result of a 47.1% increase in the international wholesale business over the first quarter 2015. Demand for the Skechers brand is at an all-time high across nearly every region where the company distributes its product and Europe in particular has seen strong business with double digit net sales increases in the first quarter for every subsidiary with a comparable period. Highlights include Spain among the top three globally with gains on a percentage basis and the United Kingdom and Germany having the largest dollar gains.

“After outgrowing our storage capacity, we had to manage overflow beyond our facility and this new building will allow us to consolidate storage into the EDC and stabilize our logistics to meet growing needs of the European market over the longer term,” stated Sophie Houtmeyers, Skechers EDC Vice President of Distribution Operations.

The Skechers EDC was opened in 2002 over a surface area of 22 500m2. Continued growth of the brand in the European market resulted in an extension of the building in 2009 with 23 000 m2 of additional space. In 2013, the volume of goods was four times higher than in 2002 and the facility expanded again in 2014 to 72 000 m2. Currently, the facility employs 250 full-time equivalent workers.

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