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Siro Badon: the online is a showcase of our products

Jan 14, 2020 Italy
We spoke with Siro Badon, President of Assocalzaturifici, to discuss some of the pressing issues of the moment within the footwear industry

Attracting people to the industry

It is difficult to find young people who want to work in manufacturing in Italy, even though Italian companies are far from the business typology they had a few years ago; Today Italian companies have modernized, and a young person, if interested, can learn a profession with a future within the footwear industry.

We are working with the schools to explain to students that working in the fashion world, and in our case in the footwear sector, is worthy and can be very satisfying.

We have to reinvest and, in a nutshell, do it in such a way that the school world and the working world "dialogue" again.


I was recently elected President of Assocalzaturifici and a key part of my program addressed the issue of sustainability. Today, talking about sustainability means talking about economies of scale and circular economy, and I can add that many international brands insist a lot on the issue of sustainability.


If we consider that more than 40% of what is sold in the world, is sold through the web, we have to adapt to this reality and take the opportunity to create a showcase of our products to the world, otherwise we will have a problem.
The future

I think every businessman wakes up in the morning with optimism. If we are not optimistic, it would be better to stay in bed. So, the future will necessarily have to be a bright one, but we must restructure our companies to be competitive in the markets.

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