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Matteo Pasca: I don’t see a revolution in the industry

Dec 26, 2019 Italy
We spoke with Matteo Pasca, CEO at ARSUTORIA School and CEO at Edizioni AF, to discuss the pressing issues of the footwear industry. Watch the second part of the interview

The geography of the industry

I don’t see important changes in the geography of production. In the past 10 years I’ve seen more and more development shifting to the countries where the factories are located. Why? Because development needs to stay close to the factory. What are the companies keeping inside? Design (even if sometimes the supply can contribute to the design) and then quality control and the control of the costs. I feel we need to find ways to integrate the supply chain and make a better flow of information along the supply chain because we need to assure transparency to costumers and to the final consumers. At the same time, we need to make sure that quantities are available, quality remains at a good level. So, we need to find a good balance between being flexible in the supply chain and at the same time keeping the control and be able to get the information from the supply chain.

Traditional media and social media

My job is to create and develop relationships and content. The magazine is just one of the channels where we convey these contents that we create through these relationships. If magazine is one, digital is another. All the new media is other channels. Even the school is another channel.


The topic of sustainability arrived to the young generations. When you hear the consumers talking about sustainable products that means that maybe we are at the point where something is really changing and there is more attention to them. When you talk to a very high-end brand and they tell you that they are committed to launch biodegradable shoes in the next one or two season that means that we are at the point where these kind of products will be in the market soon.

The future

I don’t see a revolution. I see a need for the companies to do what they are supposed to do: be entrepreneurs and understand which trends will be businesses in the future

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