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Portuguese footwear exports grew 8% in 2013

Feb 20, 2014 Portugal
Portuguese footwear exports grew 8% in 2013
In 2013 Portuguese footwear exports increased 8% and reached a total value over 1.700 million Euros, corresponding to 74 million pairs. This is the 3rd consecutive year with a recorded growth in exports and since 2010 the footwear sector increased 28%, despite the international economic slowdown.
This current upward trend is being supported significantly by sales to non-European Union countries, which registered an increase of 47%, moving from 151 million Euros in 2012 to 223 million Euros in 2013; but the positive trend is generic and exports are increasing in most countries. A sustained increase on sales to the European Union countries (3.8% growth to 1.512 million Euros) allied to a very strong performance in non EU countries explains the success. Growth of exports to countries like Canada (55% growth to 18 million Euros), Russia (111% growth to 49 million Euros), Angola (84% growth to 27 million Euros) are worth noting. Good performances in China (144% to 6 million Euros), United Arab Emirates (125 % growth to 5 million Euros) and South Korea (131% to 2 million Euros) were also registered.

 In 2013, Portugal imported 50 million pairs of shoes, worthing 427 million Euros and with an average price of 8.54 Euros. There was no variation of the average price when compared to 2012 prices, and imports increased 2.8%, both in quantity and value. 90% of Portuguese footwear imports have its origins in one of 6 countries: Spain (48%), Belgium (10%), Italy (9%), The Netherlands (9%), China (8%) and France (7%).

Fortunato Frederico, President of APICCAPS, said the balance of the activity in the last three years is highly positive, and the significant growth of Portuguese exports must be underlined. The sector is highly competitive, and in his view, is able to ally existing know-how (from several generations) with new technologies and avant-garde design.

According to Fortunato Frederico it is vital for the sector to continue the affirmation in the external markets, building up the presence in the European market and promoting the presence in new important markets such as China, Japan, the USA, Russia and the Middle East. While doing this, it is fundamental to focus on excellence, making the most of the good image associated to Portuguese footwear. As such, Portuguese companies must add value and position themselves in sophisticated market segments.

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