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Pakistan's footwear exports up by 4.29%

Jun 29, 2020 Pakistan
Pakistan's footwear exports up by 4.29%
Footwear exports of the Asian country increased by 4.29% during the first eleven months of current financial year (2019-20) as compared to the corresponding period of last year
According to the latest data by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), during the first eleven months of the current fiscal year* Pakistan’s leather manufactures exports fell by 1.53% compared to similar period in the previous year. During the period July-May 2019-2020, the country exported goods in this segment with a total value of 437.104 million US dollars compared to exports worth 443.886 million US dollars registered in the first eleven months of the preceding fiscal year.

The same source indicated that exports of tanned leather in the first eleven months of the year totalled revenue of 173.425 million US dollars, which compares to 235.693 million US dollars in similar period in the previous year (a decline of 26.42%).


With one month to close the fiscal year in Pakistan, 13.39 million pairs were already sent abroad in the accumulated of the year, resulting in exports revenue of 114.860 million US dollars. This translates in a increase of 12.62% in volume and 4.29% in value. In the same period exports of leather footwear represented 84.8% of the total value of exports of footwear. Sales abroad of this type of footwear declined by 1.53% in volume but increased by 1.83% in value, from similar period in 2019. Growth also occurred across the canvas footwear (43.27%) and other footwear categories (20.14%).

Pakistan Footwear Industry

According to the World Footwear 2019 Yearbook (AVAILABLE HERE), in 2018, Pakistan's international trade reversed the trends from recent years with exports growing and imports decreasing. Pakistan was the 8th largest producer of footwear with 411 million pairs and a world share of 1.7%. With a population of 201 million people, Pakistan was also the 8th largest consumer of footwear. The industry is mainly focused on its internal market, exporting only 115 million US dollars of footwear (48th largest exporter in 2018). Pakistan imports predominantly textile footwear from China and exports mostly leather footwear.

Image credits: Sameer Akhtari on Unsplash

* Pakistan’s financial year runs from July to June

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