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Negative month for Pakistan's footwear exports

Jan 14, 2019 Pakistan
Negative month for Pakistan's footwear exports
Although there was an increase in the number of pairs exported in November, the value of sales abroad in the period declined by 7.2%. Despite the negative month, the accumulated performance in the first five months is still positive
In November 2018, the volume of Pakistan's exported footwear increased by 12.6% compared to similar period in 2017: 807 thousand pairs were exported, registering an increase from 717 thousand pairs in November 2017. In terms of value, exported footwear declined from 8.2 million US dollars in November 2017 to 7.6 million US dollars (-7.2%), according to data released by PBS (Pakistan Bureau of Statistics).

Exports of leather footwear, representing 89.9% of the total, declined in value by 8.6%, although volume increase by 13.0%.

During the period July-November, Pakistan exported 4.3 million pairs of shoes valued at 45.9 million US dollars. This compares with exports of 3.4 million pairs valued at 39.4 million US dollars in a similar period of the previous financial year, reflecting double-digit growth in terms of volume (+24.4%) and  value (+16.5%).

Leather footwear sales abroad, representing the largest share in footwear exports in the period (88.9%), reached 40.8 million US dollars, growing by 15.9% during the first five months of the year with volumes up by 23.1% during the period (totalling 2.7 million pairs).

According to the World Footwear Yearbook (AVAILABLE HERE), in 2017, Pakistan was the 8th largest producer of footwear, with 398 million pairs and a world share of 1.7%.

(Pakistan’s financial year runs from July to June)

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