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Launch of Pact of Skills for the European Fashion Industry

Dec 20, 2021 European Union
Launch of Pact of Skills for the European Fashion Industry
The TCLF Pact of Skills is an initiative promoted by the European Commission to support the investment in upskilling and reskilling across the fashion industry
Overcoming skills challenges is make-or-break for the competitiveness of European TCLF  companies and it is promising to see so many stakeholders joining forces to tackle the problem  head-on today,” observed Luís Onofre, President of CEC and company owner himself. “Investing in people’s skills is of the utmost necessity to safeguard our  industries’ competitiveness and preserve its economic value and potential across European regions", he added. 

The 118 signatories from the textile, clothing, leather and footwear sectors (TLFC) include a diverse range of actors - industry representatives (such as CEC, Cotance and Euratex), social partners, national and regional authorities and education and training providers – who have decided to commit themselves to invest in enhancing existing skills (upskilling) and training in new skills (reskilling), while integrating green and digital skills, to improve the attractiveness of the sector.

To that end, the TLFC Pact of Skills has defined five objectives for the signatories to follow, with each identifying a certain number of target actions, namely, promoting a culture of lifelong learning, building a strong skills’ partnership with stakeholders, monitoring skills supply/demand and anticipating skills needs, working against discrimination and in favour of gender equality and equal opportunities, and raising awareness and attractiveness on the TCLF industries.

The members of the Pact will benefit from networking, guidance and resources offered by the European Commission to implement the targets proposed from the beginning of next year. The Pact is part of the European Union Industrial Strategy.

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