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CTCP provides international experience to European students

Nov 15, 2021 Portugal

Sciled - Training learning experience in Portugal

As part of the Erasmus+ European project SciLed, the Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre received 11 young students from Spain, Italy, Greece and Romania for an intensive training initiative (Training Learning Experience)

CTCP, together with the partners of the SciLed project, organized this intensive training program which lasted 2 weeks, with workshops, seminars and visits, promoting the exchange of ideas and methods of learning. The objective of this initiative was to transmit skills on the production of more sustainable and comfortable shoes, allied to an appealing design.

Students arrived full of ideas and with well-defined prototypes. Bringing theory and practice together, the ideas took shape at CTCP's FabLab  (prototyping laboratory) and in the department of innovation and digital manufacturing - with digital printing, laser engraving and 3D printing.

Four projects
(one per group) were developed, resulting in different model, which had in common an innovative design, and built-in comfort and sustainability features. On the last day of this experience, each group presented their model to the partners of the project who were in Portugal for a technical work meeting.

Testimonials from participants

“For me, this experience was very enriching and is something I always want to remember. Thanks to CTCP for the structure with which we were given all this knowledge, which served to further improve my skills”, Gianluca Polo, Italy.

“These two weeks were very productive. In my course, we don't have shoe design and I was able to develop this skill at CTCP”, Alexander Martinez, Spain.

"What surprised me the most were the laboratory tests", Katerina Papastergiopoulou, Greece.

“This experience contributed a lot to improve my skills and obtain more knowledge both in terms of footwear and in terms of technology. What surprised me most was the contact with technologies such as laser engraving and 3D printing”, Alexandru Urma, Romania.

More information about SciLed can be found ont he project's website - LINK HERE.

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