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How to Communicate Sustainability?

Jul 20, 2020 World Footwear Reports
How to Communicate Sustainability?
Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental issues and are become demanding regarding the products they buy. Are companies thinking about sustainability? And are companies communicating what they are doing?
The growing consciousness and awareness of consumers at a global level to the environmental problems arising from the manufacturing industry in general, and in particular in the fashion arena, is causing some entropy and resistance at the time of the purchase decision.

The recognition of the scarcity of resources and of the environmental impact of our clothes and shoes in on our planet, coupled with the abundant information that has been disseminated by the different movements and platforms that fight for a more sustainable fashion, have been a catalyst of a set of actions who investigate with a magnifying glass the origin of the clothes and shoes we wear and the conditions under which they are produced. It is undeniable that there is more and more critical curiosity, essential to generate a purchase decision more aligned with individual concerns about the use of the planet's natural resources and with the well-being of the people working in the fashion industry. However, the multiplicity and complexity in the communication makes it challenging to be sure of the best choice when purchasing a new product.

Is sustainability in fashion a trend that will go out of style?

While you reflect o the possible dimensions of this question, have a read through the new World Footwear Guidebook on all the bits and pieces about Sustainability Communication. In this guidebook we will present the main movements dedicated to environmental sustainability in the fashion industry and how brands, companies or institutions can improve and effectively communicate their performance and environmental impact.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sustainable Development - Movements and Organisations
3. How to Communicate Sustainability
4. Main Environmental Labels Applied to the Textile and Footwear Sectors
5. Sustainability Tools
6. Future Perspectives - Transparency and Traceability