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Here to stay, stories of young brands

Sep 19, 2017 / Portugal
Here to stay, stories of young brands
They are born in the minds of young entrepreneurs. Some have family ties with the footwear industry, others were simply carried along by their love for shoes. Today we present 3 of these young brands 
The story begins like many others in the footwear industry: youngsters born into families traditionally linked to the sector. A passion for shoes is the final piece in the puzzle. Lemoke was founded in 2016, inspired by the desire to continue a legacy of five generations of know-how. A taste for the good things in life and a love for shoes that fit to perfection did the rest.
The brand allies “tradition and high quality to having a team of experienced people with different skills, from management to design with a creative vision of the market, its trends and positioning. We want to give our customers beautiful shoes that stand out and look classic, taking as our inspiration one of the most timeless and iconic pieces of footwear: the Moccasin.”
For more information about Lemoke please refer to the brands website:

Friendly Fire
Alexandre, nutritionist. Rute, primary school teacher. The characters in this story could have played their roles to perfection, but they decided to join forces and create… a range of shoes. Friends since they were kids and passionate about design with a touch of whimsy and the unorthodox, Alexandra and Rute created Friendly Fire to reflect their tastes and style. Heading into its second year of production, the brand is known for its unconventional collections, inspired by the unexpected combinations of materials, colours and patterns. Independent, sophisticated women who appreciate fine detailing are the inspirational muse of the brand. Conceived and produced in Guimarães using the know-how of a manufacturer with more than 25 years’ experience in the sector, Friendly Fire intends to become a leader in the national luxury market.
For more information about Friendly Fire please refer to the brands website:

Personalisation is no longer a novelty in the footwear sector, but with 156 billion combinations all yours at the press of a button? Thanks to Undandy it is now possible.
Undandy uses an online sales platform for men’s footwear, conceived for those who want something unique and personalised, and handmade in Portugal. Each model can be completely customised, even getting its own name. To do so, the customer just has to go to the online store, where 156 billion combinations are yours to choose from. In just five easy steps, each pair of shoes can be customised to the finest detail on the brand website (the toe, model, material, shoelaces, stitching) and in two weeks a unique pair of shoes arrives on your doorstep.
For more information about Undandy please refer to the brands website:

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