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France bans dumping unsold fashion items

Feb 24, 2020 France
France bans dumping unsold fashion items
Companies in the country to be banned from destroying clothes, cosmetics and other items
France will ban designer clothes and luxury goods companies from destroying unsold or returned items. A new bill by the French Government containing a wide-ranging articles on anti-waste, was passed by the authorities. The law will also cover electrical items, hygiene products and cosmetics. With the new law dumping unsold or returned items will no longer be permitted, and they must be redirected to either be reused, redistributed or recycled.

The new law has been announced by the French Government as a world first. President Macron presented the law as a "leap forward against the "produce, consume and discard" model.

This follows a law banning supermarkets from throwing away unsold food and forcing them to hand the goods to charities.

Image credits: Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

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