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Footwear exports in Sri Lanka with impressive growth

Sep 23, 2014 Sri Lanka
Footwear exports in Sri Lanka with impressive growth
During 2013 the Asian country sold 1.1 million pairs valued at 21.7 million US dollars, increasing by 80.2% the value generated with footwear sales to other countries
Sales abroad of Sri Lankan footwear registered a remarkable growth during the year of 2013, according to official statistics. The country almost doubled its value of footwear exports in only a year, growing from 12.1 million US dollars in 2012 to 21.7 million US dollars in 2013. Main destination markets were Australia (56%) and Italy (12%).

Total footwear imports reached 1.0 million pairs in 2013 valued at 18.7 million US dollars, an increase of 46.4% in value terms. China is the leading exporter of footwear to Sri Lanka, with a 38% share in the country’s total imports. Vietnam and India follow, with shares of 17% and 15%, respectively. Indonesia (7%), Singapore (7%) and the US (5%) complete the group of main suppliers of footwear to the Sri Lankan market.

In the past 8 years the country has been very dynamic in its international trade relations growth, with imports in 2013 standing at a value of almost 4 times the value registered in 2006 (4.8 million US dollars). Exports grew 14.1% between 2006 and 2013, mainly driven by an impressive growth in sales to Australia and India.

A recent study by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce reveals that this trend is expected to continue during the current year.

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