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Exports to the U.S. simpler?

Sep 10, 2013 United States
Exports to the U.S. simpler?
Exports to the U.S. can be much simpler. The Free Trade Agreement between Europe and the USA will take place. The negotiations were launched at the G8, despite the reluctance of France.
According to the Financial Times, Barack Obama assured that the negotiations will begin in July. Now there are the transatlantic trade and investment agreement, which will simplify trade with the U.S.

The European Union leaders believe that the negotiations will be complicated, since France can put obstacles to defend the cultural and audiovisual areas from an "American cultural invasion." The French culture and language have been losing "recognition" globally, therefore promoting (therefore) the application of various protectionist measures. 

European governments believe that this agreement could happen, making it a historic. Europe expects France involving to involve the cultural and audiovisual services in the negotiations, since this lock can be a matter of U.S. retaliation can be related to the US. The United States has refused to exclude sectors of activity for this agreement. French barriers however, may lead the US to lift trade barriers in sectors even more important.

Although not specifying  France, Durão Barroso - President of the European Commission - defended that thoughts against the liberalization of trade of movies and music "doesn’t take into account the benefits that globalization also brings the cultural point of view."
According to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, this may be the greatest trade agreements, as it involves large amounts: 117.600 billion euros for the European Union; 94 billion euros to the United States and 100 000 billion euros for the rest of the world.

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