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Courovale: from leather trading to producing customised leathers with special finishes

Apr 4, 2024 Brazil
Courovale: from leather trading to producing customised leathers with special finishes
Get to know Courovale, a Brazilian-based tannery specialised in customised leathers with special finishes such as engraved, printed, metal and lacquered and learn more about their business

Founded in 1994, in Novo Hamburgo by partner Rafael Emilio Collet, the Brazilian leather company Courovale started by operating in leather trade. Over the years, it has stood out for producing differentiated articles for the footwear and accessories segment and it specialised in the production of customised leathers with special finishes such as engraved, printed, metal, lacquered, with fur, just to name a few.

As production grew and the number of employees increased, in 2004 Courovale moved to its headquarters in Portão (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), establishing itself as BCM Indústria e Comércio de Couros Ltda. In this new location, the company can make the most of a structure equipped with state-of-the-art technology allowing them to produce customized leathers to meet the specific needs of the segments they work with and to attend to the requests o their customers.

While moving around the tannery or visiting their showroom a multitude of colours, textures, and special finishings jumps to the eyes, building up a very diverse portfolio with digital printing, embossed, metallic foil, patent and transfer foil leather as well as leathers with fur, resulting from the application of very specific finishings.

Trend surveying

The company is committed to constantly improving its technology, processes, and raw materials to offer its customers innovative, high-quality products. For this purpose, it invests in biannual trend surveys, ensuring that the latest news from international fashion shows are known, studied and presented to their customers. “The activity of studying trends and launching new books is essential for Courovale to maintain a solid connection with its customers, ensuring that its products are relevant, attractive, and aligned with market expectations”, told us Verônica Meurer, Commercial Manager at Courovale.

International fairs

Aligned with this is the company’s participation in international trade fairs, “an essential strategy for the growth and expansion of Courovale's business”. As Verônica told the World Footwear, such events offer the company “networking opportunities and brand visibility” while allowing them to “monitor trends and get feedback from the global market” about the products and materials developed in which season by Courovale.


In the current context of growing concerns about sustainability, tanneries face several challenges. "Courovale is certainly not immune to them", starts Verônica, adding that to address these challenges, Courovale is taking a "comprehensive and proactive approach to sustainability”.

As Verônica mentioned, the company is focusing on several elements while working on sustainability:
-Investment in Clean Technology: Implementing more efficient and sustainable tanning technologies, using production methods that reduce water consumption in addition to using energy from renewable sources;
-Certifications and Standards: Seeking internationally recognized certifications that attest to the company's sustainable practices, such as the Leather Working Group's sustainable leather standard. It is worth noting that the company has been LWG-certified since 2011 and CSCB-certified since 2018;
-Supply Chain Transparency: Working closely with suppliers to ensure raw materials are sourced ethically and sustainably, and communicating these practices to customers and stakeholders;
-Research and Development: Investing in research and development to find new ways of producing leather that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“By adopting these measures and demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability, Courovale can face the challenges of the current context and position itself as a leading company in the sustainable leather industry”, Verônica concluded.

More information about Courovale here.

About CSCB

The Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB) applies the tripod of sustainability concept in which a tanning industry's results are considered in economic, environmental, and social terms. It understands sustainable tanneries to be those that develop their activities with economic results, seek to reduce the inherent environmental impact of activities while providing better working conditions for their employees, and respect the community in which they operate. Supported by the Brazilian Leather Project — an initiative of the CICB (Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). More information here.

Image credits: World Footwear

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