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Allbirds launches new resale platform

Feb 22, 2022 United States
Allbirds launches new resale platform
The ReRun resale platform, launched in partnership with Trove, a provider of recommerce services, is part of the Californian-based company’s holistic commitment to sustainability
“Since its founding, Allbirds has been a global leader in end-to-end sustainability that is raising the bar for the entire retail industry. The company has set a goal of doubling the lifetime of its footwear products and we could not be prouder to partner with Allbirds to power ReRun as the company moves another step forward toward fully circular operations”, commented Andy Ruben, CEO of Trove.

The collaboration with Trove, a company that provides the technology platform and the logistics systems required to operate reselling offerings, will enable Allbirds to prolong the lifespan of its products, which is a key component of the company’s sustainability strategy. Allbirds is already a 100% carbon-neutral business through the use of third-party verified carbon offsets.

“To create a more sustainable fashion economy, it’s crucial that we take a holistic approach. By launching our trade-in program, ReRun, we will enable our customers to play an integral role in extending the life of our shoes. We always seek partners who share our commitment to sustainability, and we’re thrilled to work with Trove on our first recommerce initiative”, added Hana Kajimura, Head of Sustainability at Allbirds.

The company will offer customers at three stores (Los Angeles, Chicago and New York) the option of trading their Allbirds shoes for 20 US dollars in-store credits. The shoes will then be sold to customers at a lower price point than Allbirds’ new shoes, starting at 59 US dollars. Later, the Californian company intends to expand the programme to additional retail locations in the US.

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