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New Generation: meet Guilherme Teles Baptista

Feb 19, 2024 Portugal
New Generation: meet Guilherme Teles Baptista
Get The Balance is a Portuguese brand of sustainable sneakers with avant-garde design that has just been launched. Find out more about this journey from the man responsible, Guilherme Teles Batista

How did the idea of creating Get The Balance come about?

Sneakers are my favourite everyday footwear, so Get The Balance is the result of my dream to become an entrepreneur and create a sustainable model of sneakers with a contemporary design, comfortable and durable, made with high-quality materials. After graduating in economics and completing several internships in different sectors of activity, we began to develop the first models with the help of a multidisciplinary team. During 2022/23, we selected the raw materials, created the prototypes and produced the first batch of sneakers. At the same time, we produced digital content to feed all the marketing campaigns and the online store.

But more than that, one conviction that has made our project even stronger is my belief that we should all walk with optimism and perseverance to find our balance (Get The Balance), each in our own way, in all the different aspects of our lives. Therefore, Get The Balance was born and walks every day with this philosophy to positively influence people to walk to live and get their balance.

How would you define the brand, and how does it stand out in the market?

What sets Get The Balance apart are the structural pillars that make up our brand. Firstly, we promote humanism, through ethical production where transparency, good working conditions and proximity to the artisans who make our sneakers are key elements of our project.

Secondly, 100% of the production is made in Portugal, ensuring that the raw materials are supplied by Portuguese people who demand high quality standards. Taking our products across borders, with the feeling of "portugality” associated not only with our products but also with the concept of our brand, is also something we have set out to do from day one. Especially at a time when we are living through periods of great global turbulence, we as a country increasingly need to affirm ourselves internally and externally through irreverent, ambitious and innovative projects.

Finally, and thirdly, Get The Balance has worked since its inception to deconstruct the whole concept of sustainability through a holistic vision, questioning and studying in-depth each stage of production and the value chain related to the lifespan of the sneaker. Environmental concern is an imperative and unquestionable requirement to Get The Balance. Our footwear is made with recycled, organic and biodegradable materials and the entire production process is studied, evaluated and tested to ensure the smallest possible environmental footprint.

In this way, we combine the high quality of exclusively handcrafted products with a contemporary design based on a circular economy philosophy, in a collection of casual sneakers that can be worn in a wide variety of styles and on a variety of occasions, thereby contributing to a reduction in consumption.

What have been the biggest challenges to date?

The creation of a brand in Portugal is in itself a huge challenge. The fact that this is a kind of capital-intensive project, born in a country where there is little investment in innovation compared to other economies, puts us at a complete disadvantage when we look at other brands and countries with a greater capacity to penetrate foreign markets, both digitally and physically. I think that’s why there are very few Portuguese brands.

However, this competitive disadvantage is partly mitigated by the fact that we are still small and have a different vision from those who already have an established brand in the market, which gives us more flexibility, speed and adaptability to create different types of opportunities.

What advice would you give to a young person starting out?

In my short personal experience, I would say to any young person to invest in themselves, in their education and their knowledge, to be a collector of many different personal and professional experiences. Because all of them, after a few years, they all build us up and make us better!

I would also add that we must be focused on all our activities, always be aware of the world around us and be ambitious in our goals. With humility and a sense of opportunity, we must take advantage of new technologies and advances in engineering, but never lose sight of the identity of the product and the reason for the company’s existence: to work to create value, yes, but also to contribute to building a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society.

Portugal needs strong young people to face the difficult years ahead. All these skills are essential if we want to have men and women of excellence in our country, and instead of emigrating, to build a new Portugal together. With all these values, I would like to conclude by saying that we must follow a path without fear, but always with joy and passion, so that everyone, in their own way, can find the balance (Get The Balance)! We still have what it takes to be as good as or the best ever, and the world desperately needs this new generation!

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