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Physical and Chemical Tests: What tests should a footwear brand perform on their products?

Physical and Chemical Tests: What tests should a footwear brand perform on their products?
Just released! A new paper dedicated to testing in the footwear industry. Learn all about testing and understand what physical and chemical tests are, and which ones are relevant for your products and why

Testing refers us, and well, to science, and thus, to a method and process standardization. Each test is framed by an internationally recognized standard (such as ISO, EN, etc.), which describes the adequate way of performing a test. It is still the best way of ensuring global quality standards, for footwear in this case.

Standards, which in this regard are very similar to formulas or cooking receipts, hold several steps to be taken methodically and unfailingly by the technicians in order to achieve a final result. Each step has a time of its own, therefore, each test also has its own time length. Testing is a lengthy procedure; it cannot be rushed.

Upon the reception of a test request, ordinarily, it is issued an agreement for the realization of the test, containing, among other elements, entry’s date, requested test(s), price, presumable delivery time (no less than 5 days), and preferred language for the final report.

Each test has an internationally accepted reference value, which will allow the laboratory to fail or pass the shoe subjected to testing. In other words, if a test does not meet, for example, the minimal reference value, the shoe fails the test. 

Laboratories hold no responsibility for what happens after the completion of the test. Nowadays, it is customary for buyer companies to demand tighter reference values, which means they have their specifications. Shoe manufacturers must have this in mind while requiring which tests they want to be performed.

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