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Alexander Wang designs shoe line for H&M

Nov 12, 2014 Sweden
Alexander Wang designs shoe line for H&M
The American designer announced a new partnership with the giant Swedish company, presenting a new collecting whose dominant tone is black
"The approach to this had to be something different. How do we excite the consumer again? It was important for me to not reintroduce things from the past but have a new statement to offer" Wang commented, adding: "One of the ideas was performance wear and active wear. [H&M] hasn't done this before in its designer collaborations. It's a genre of clothing that's not discriminatory by price point, so it doesn't matter if you're a luxury customer or a mass customer ... Everyone has use for these pieces."

The designer recognizes the variety of the collection with diverse heel heights and insoles as well as lug boots. The new line for H&M also includes lace-up stilettos, perforated heels, 'scuba boots' and boxing-style men's shoes for a "slick, city and sporty" look.

The collection is available in stores since the 6th of November.

Image Credits - Photo by courtesy of the brand, Alexander Wang x H&M

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