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Haroldo Ferreira takes over Abicalçados Executive Presidency

Aug 7, 2019 Brazil
Haroldo Ferreira takes over Abicalçados Executive Presidency
He is taking on the Abicalçados Presidency from Heitor Klein, who served the Brazilain Association for more than 27 years and who will continue linked to them as a Consultant
Graduated in Business Administration, with a postgraduate degree in Production Management and MBAs in Leadership and Health Management, Haroldo Ferreira takes on Abicalçados Executive Presidency at the age of 52.

With a long experience in the footwear business in Brazil, Ferreira worked for Azaleia for more than 20 years in Azaleia (from 1986 to 2008), having started years before (in 1983) in another footwear company, Musa Calçados. He holds experience in management and human resources and believes in a strategy of proximity with his staff as a way to success. He was involved with the Bahia Footwear Union (Bahia is a region in Brazil) and his initiatives there open the doors for him to join Abicalçados later.

Reflecting on the current state of the Brazilian footwear industry Ferreira underlines the importance of structural reforms to take place in Brazil, especially looking into a tax reform and a relief of the so called "Brazil cost", which diminishes the competitiveness of Brazilian products in the external markets.

Regarding the recently announced free trade agreement with the EU and a potential agreement with the US he asks for cautious: "we need to monitor the progress to ensure the footwear industry is not negatively impacted".

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