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World footwear production reaches new record

Dec 29, 2014 World
World footwear production reaches new record
According to the World Footwear Yearbook the production of footwear in 2013 crossed the 22 billion pair threshold for the first time
At the last edition of the GDS fair in Düsseldorf the World Footwear team presented their latest Yearbook with all the relevant numbers for the 2013 production, consumption and international trade flows.

According to the 2014 Yearbook the worldwide footwear production levels continue to break records, crossing the 22 billion pair threshold for the first time in 2013.

The geographical structure of the industry remains broadly unchanged from previous years, with China being the indisputable leader, producing almost 2 out of 3 every pair of shoes sold in the world. On the whole, Asia is the source of 87% of the footwear produced worldwide.

The geographical patterns of consumption show stronger dynamism: over the last four years Asia increase its share of the world total from 49% to 51%, with China leading footwear consumption in volume terms, while it consolidated its position over the last years. United States and India follow.

World Footwear estimates that last year international footwear trade set new records, with exports reaching 14.4 billion pairs and 119 billion US dollars. A relevant fact is the strengthen of China’s leadership in exports, crossing the 40% threshold for the first time.

The top 15 exporters in 2013 includes 9 European countries, 5 Asian countries and the United States. Among this group of countries, Italy recorded the highest average export price (48.78 US dollars) followed by Portugal and France.