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Wordwide footwear associations gathered aiming to strengthen the industry

Jun 20, 2016 CEC
Wordwide footwear associations gathered aiming to strengthen the industry
On the 9th of June 2016 the Second International Footwear Forum (IFF) brought together footwear associations and federations from across the world to exchange views and propose ways to help the companies
One year after the launch of the IFF at theMICAM in September 2015, the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC) in collaboration with the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America organised the second edition of the Forum on the 9th of June 2016 at the FFANY New York Shoe Expo.

Conceived by the CEC, the IFF provides a platform for representatives of footwear associations and chambers from around the world to annually meet to discuss sector challenges and opportunities, while sharing information and best practices.

The three subjects that took centre stage during this year’s IFF were the latest technological tools for a more effective engagement with the associations’ member companies, corporate responsibility, and access to markets.

The second edition of this forum was much dedicated to identify how to make the best use of the latest technologies to engage members, but also how to take most advantage of the knowledge and intelligence data of each national association in order to better assist footwear companies.

Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, the participants agreed that there was an urgent need to reduce the number of audits for footwear companies and that the private and public stakeholders had to work in that direction instead of producing new certification schemes. For that purpose, representatives of associations came to an agreement to align under a unique code of conduct that can guide footwear companies, and to work on raising awareness among them on the need to implement a solid social responsibility strategy that creates a healthy workplace along the supply chain, and anticipates and reduces risks.

Participants also agreed that trade tariffs should be removed across the world, and in order to make it possible, associations recognized the need to work with public authorities and support them.

Cleto Sagripanti, CEC’s President commented: “It has clearly been a more open and collaborative forum than last edition’s with representatives actively proposing and committing themselves in joint initiatives. It is obvious that the more we meet, the more we will be able to achieve together, either in the elimination of trade barriers, or any other subject of common interest”.

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