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To Work For and Michelin in partnership

Oct 26, 2015 Portugal

To Work For® presents full grip collection with Michelin sole

The first technical sole made by Michelin for technical shoes has the signature of Portuguese company AMF, through its To Work For brand. The new line of shoes will be presented this week at the A+A fair, the main event for the safety footwear sector

To Work For is specialized in the production of high value-added safety shoes and now has a partnership with Michelin to launch a new line of footwear. A new innovative footwear line for the work & safety market with high performance shoes, designed and developed as the result of this unique partnership, and aimed for extreme working conditions, such as the ones found in oil rigs, where the sole performance plays a fundamental role.

The partnership has created one outdoor line and the sole was inspired by two winter rally Michelin tires. These technical To Work For shoes can count on high performance features: perfect protection, excellent stability and excellent traction in extreme outdoor work environments, easy evacuation of water, all combined with maximum comfort and a dynamic style.

The development of Michelin’s new sole was intended for professionals dealing primarily with high physical load, especially those involving water.

Combining the mandatory technical requirements of this niche market with a bold and modern design has been a priority of the Guimarães-based company: "We wanted to counter the idea that safety shoes must be monochromatic and boring. So, we are investing in avant-garde design and ensuring all technical features of the shoes."

To Work For company has recently undergone an image transformation and will be launching a new line soon, called Safety Runners, which “combines the comfort of running shoes to the highest safety footwear standards." With bold colors and avant-garde design, this new line took advantage of the potential of running shoes and conjugated with the know-how of over 15 years in the industry. The Safety Runners line is aimed at professions of great physical load, with special focus on interior works.

The Portugal-based company is an European leader in the sector, and is currently in the process of expanding facilities and manufacturing equipment, expecting to triple its production in just three years. To Work For exports 90% of its production to European Union countries, Latin America and Australia, and has a turnover of around 10 million euros.

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