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Sustainability by Anna Palmqvist (H&M): we have to change our behaviour

Sep 28, 2022 Sweden
Today we bring you the final interview of a series focused on sustainability. We had a nice conversation with Anna Palmqvist, Sustainability Manager at the H&M Group. Check all the bits and pieces on the video below


(Sustainability) is absolutely a real concern. We have to change our whole behaviour. The whole fashion industry has to change. And it has to become circular. You will need to think through your purchases: Do you really, really need it? Or do you have something in your wardrobe that you can update, re-design or keep for a longer period of time?

Where to start?

The starting point is really the mindset that all of us have to think about that we want to have an environment that lasts forever, it lasts for our children, our grandchildren, and in the way we are working it doesn’t work anymore.

All of us have will have to take responsibility. We cannot put it to the brand or to the department store. We have to take responsibility, all of us.

We should buy more sustainable materials, that is crucial. But first, I repeat myself, (we should ask) how can we re-use what is already out there?

European fashion industry

Fashion companies in Europe are in the forefront (of sustainability). It is very refreshing to listen to how the Portuguese and European fashion industries are tackling sustainability, really driving it, being in the forefront. This is how we have to treat it and I think European companies have an advantage for how they work with sustainable materials, how they work with the consumer and how they think circularity. And the last one, is also the closeness to the European market, so it can also keep transportation down, if they sell in the European market.

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