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Russia increases footwear imports

Jul 3, 2014 Russian Federation
Russia increases footwear imports
During 2013 the Russian Federation imported 334 million pairs of footwear valued at 4 277.8 million USD, with quantities stable (0.7% variation compared to 2012) and growth in value (up by 6.9%). Exports registered solid two digits growth
Last year, 61% of total Russian imports came from China, which reveals a huge dependency on that Asian market. Italy (8%), Vietnam (6%), Indonesia (4%), Belarus (2%), Turkey (2%) and Portugal (2%) follow. 

Average price paid by the Russian Federation for imported footwear reached 12.80 USD, 6.2% up from the 12.05 USD paid, on average, during the previous year.

In 2013 Russian imports reached 4 277.8 million USD, increasing 6.9%, and continuing the growth trend registered in previous years while recovering intensity (73% in 2010, 6% in 2011 and 2% in 2012).

On the exports side, 10.3 million pairs were sold abroad, valued at 137.5 million USD. 64% of total exports of Russian footwear have Kazakhstan (45%) or Belarus (19%) as destination. Ukraine (11%), Germany (4%), Latvia (4%), Kyrgyzstan (2%), Italy (2%) and Georgia (2%) follow. All these markets grew at a speedy rhythm, registering solid two digits' variation, apart from Kyrgyzstan (8.6%) and Georgia (3.6%).

In 2013, value of exports grew by 51.7%, consolidating the growth registered in previous years in sales of Russian footwear to foreign countries.

The average price for Russian footwear in 2013 reached 13.39 USD, an 11.1% increase from the 12.06 USD in 2012.

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