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Russia imposed rules for children shoes

Nov 4, 2013 Russian Federation
Russia imposed rules for children shoes
The new customs regulations that came into force in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in February  changed the rules for children shoes and clothes.

New regulations have left companies with greater difficulties. Footwear and clothing for children can only use natural materials in the parts that are in contact with the children’s skin. These pieces can’t be made with synthetic or artificial materials, which mean that companies have to rethink their products. 

The majority of shoes sold in Russia use a breathing system through an artificial breathable membrane. Companies like Ecco, and Pomarfin are redesigning their collections to circumvent the problem of synthetic materials.

The Danish company Ecco responded to these measures by creating a collection totally renewed for fall/winter 2013/2014. The company opted for the junction of hides and skins of sheep which applies a breathable membrane.

Pomarfin, which have a big statement in Gore-Tex products, also prepared an alternative to this measure. The shoes will have a natural fur lining, where the membrane is placed.

No other country in the world has implemented such rules. However, suppliers of breathable membranes are convinced that the system is safe for children. This is another protectionist measure for the Russian market, which already regulates different sectors such as textiles, beverages, wood, and cars.

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