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Roberto Vago (ASSOMAC): sustainability is not a marketing idea, but a realistic idea

Jan 20, 2022 Italy
Today, we bring the highlights of a conversation with Roberto Vago, Managing Director of Assomac, the National Association of Footwear, Leathergoods and Tanning Technologies' Manufacturers in Italy. We have talked about the impacts of COVID-19, sustainability and Industry 4.0, amongst other topics

The impact of COVID-19

We had to re-invent our approach, in terms of production system and in terms of the final product. That represented a drastic change in our mentality. We had no magical formula, but we had to re-invent ourselves. (This happened) everywhere in the world, where we had to consider how to produce and in which manner to produce, and question if the past model of production remained actual or if we had to re-invent our life.

Back to normality?

Restarting is already done. The figures we have in terms of visitors (to the SIMAC* fair) and in terms of proposals of the new trends is evidence of that. And it seems to me this is already extremely positive. However, it is still difficult to make estimations about when we will back to normality.


Sustainability is a real concern in our life, and we cannot escape from this type of scenario. Sustainability is not a marketing idea, but a realistic idea. Circular economy is a big opportunity for the industry but also a big opportunity for the world life.

Industry 4.0

4.0 started as a kind of idea, but now has become a reality. Data analysis is the basis of Industry 4.0. If we can manage and analyse data, then we can change the industry system.

Trade fairs

Face to face. Touch the product. Understand the production. It all remains an important phase (of the business). The word now in fashion is phygital, which is an acronymous between physical and digital. A combination. This is the future, and we must naturally consider that digital cannot totally substitute the physical presence. However, we cannot waste what this pandemic gave us in terms of improvement for the future.

SIMAC TANNING TECH is a trade fair joining manufacturers of machines for footwear manufacturing, leather goods and tanneries, accessories and component, chemical products, prototyping systems, lab machinery and equipment, consumables, automation, waste treatment systems and equipment, moulds and die cutters, management and production cycle, logistics, finished-product testing, conveyor systems; etc.

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