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Italy locks down north of the country

Mar 9, 2020 Italy
Italy locks down north of the country
The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the measures over the weekend in an attempt to contain the spreading of the disease
The Head of the Italian Government said that Italy will dramatically restrict movement and activity of a quarter of its population, as it locks down the north region around Milan. About 16 million people will be impacted by the restrictions across Lombardy and in 14 provinces, which included Venice, Modena, Parma, Treviso and Rimini. A part of the Piedmont region is also impacted.

The bans now announced will prevent anyone from entering or exiting the most-affected areas, while movement inside the areas is also limited. Skiing, public events, religious ceremonies, work meetings are to be suspended while schools, museums, swimming pools and theatres will close. Policy and army will be on site ensuring the containment measures are respected.

The containment rules also apply to the rest of the country as it is recommended that citizens avoid travel outside their hometowns unless absolutely necessary.

Touristic operators already claim huge impact of the outbreak of the epidemic inside Italian borders, as this is an important economic activity on the country. The government already announced emergency spending packaging, but the extent of the virus spread is still unknown. With Lombardy facing paralysation of its business activity, Italy and the international markets will be in the expectation of the economic impacts, in an economy which was already experiencing issues. Lombardy accounts for one fifth of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and the north of the country is seen as the economic engine of Italy.

Image credits: Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

Source: Bloomberg

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