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Is technology accelerating production and reducing labor?

Jun 14, 2017 / Innovation
Is technology accelerating production and reducing labor?
We have been seeing multiple changes occurring in the footwear industry. Consumers are more demanding than ever and as a consequence, the need to adapt to changes is mandatory for companies in this industry
Competition is fierce and companies struggle to lower their costs to remain profitable. Rising wages and labor shortages in sourcing countries force companies to find ways to improve their production efficiency while reducing costs. Technology seems the best way to do this.

Are machines are replacing humans?

Investing in high capacity machines, robots, improving production lines, and rethinking the production process are just a few examples that can accelerate footwear production without hiring more workers.
In other cases, investment in technology isn’t just about reducing costs but improving the quality of products. For instance, using 3D printers to create highly customized shoes.
In both cases, technology is already impacting labor. In the future, we can expect to see even more machines replacing workers, especially in footwear companies who focus on mass production.

Stay up to date and remain competitive

Footwear companies should realize one thing. Investing in technology is expensive, but the return of the investment is usually very high in the long term. In this sense these companies should pay attention to technological developments, otherwise, they might lose their competitiveness.

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