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GDS turns into Gallery Shoes

Feb 7, 2017 Germany
GDS turns into Gallery Shoes
The new concept show will be launched in August 2017, with the Igedo Company taking over the responsability
As part of the GDS opening press conference, held at the Areal Böhler this morning, the Igedo Company presented the new concept of the shoe trade show in Düsseldorf.

First of all, a new name was announced: Gallery Shoes. Explaining the move Philipp Kronen said:" Just continuing GDS with a different framework simply makes no sense. Everything has to be completely thought out again across all levels... a consistent new start is possible and proves successful at the end of the day".

Three factors were announced as the pillars to secure the future success of Gallery Shoes. The new venue Areal Böhler with its industrial appearance, the later dates (27th-29th August) with an adjusted order of days (Sunday to Tuesday) and a focus on the most significant exhibitors in the European footwear industry.

The Gallery Shoes will focus on the medium to high priced segments with both young labels and tradition-rich brands.

A 65% share of international exhibitors is aspired, sepacially coming from Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

The tag it! concept won't continue in the new format.

Project Diretor Ulrike Kähler confirmed that the target countries for visitors are from Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Igedo expects to take advantage from its experience acquired with CPM (Collection Premiere Mosocow). The organisers also expect to boost the success of the new event on cross marketing tools from insights gained while organisers of the Galley events. To leverage such synergies the apparel sector will be invited to the Gallery Shoes show.

Finally Kähler underlined this is a clear move to make the shoe show in Düsseldorf an orders platform once again.

The Gallery shoes event will take place in the following dates:
27th-29th August 2017
11th-13th March 2018
2nd-4th September 2018

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