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Footwear stores should focus on the customer's experience

Jun 26, 2017 World
Footwear stores should focus on the customer's experience
In the competitive industry of footwear, every single initiative counts to make consumers fall in love with a brand. Enhancing customer experience through an improved online/offline store might help
In a world that’s more and more digital, consumers are making their decisions online, or at least finding information online that will help them decide. Let’s face it, the number of people who Google a product before deciding to buy it is getting bigger, and we are not talking only about teenagers or young adults.

In this sense, the simple fact that more consumers prefer the online world to the “traditional” one, is a major reason why stores should enhance customer experience. Another reason is that footwear competition is big and providing an enjoyable experience is a way add value to a brand.

Retailers or brands should understand that it’s necessary to improve both online, and “offline” stores so that consumers have a positive shopping experience.  And if possible combine them to make a single unique experience. If this is done, it’s more likely that consumers, not only buy shoes, but also repeat the purchase.

How can you improve a store?

Regarding online stores, brands should try to have a clean e-commerce site, with easy navigation. It should also be fast and include information that would help the consumer decide which shoes he wants. Useful information could be:
? Wide selection of pictures
? Proof and wearing videos
? Size and fit guide
? Shipping policy and free return
? Composition and care

In terms of physical stores, it’s important to provide a good customer service, constantly innovate appearance and include new technologies to enhance an experience.

For instance, it could be interesting to have a screen in-store that shows customer reviews. Another idea is to provide tablets that will allow customers to see in real-time which models are available in store or other models that can only be bought online.

Other initiatives that add value to brands is to hold events, such as small concerts, holidays celebration, and set up partnerships.