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EasyJet tests new Sneakairs

May 20, 2016 / United Kingdom

The Barcelona Street Project - Europe at your feet with #Sneakairs

The British low-cost airline has developed a prototype smart shoe designed to help tourists visiting their elected cities

EasyJet has developed a smart prototype shoe and named them Sneakairs. With built-in Bluetooth technology paired with the phone's GPS, these tennis help travelers exploring a destination with ease and less risk of being lost through small vibration sensors inside the shoes.

The Sneakairs prototype, developed in partnership with the Spanish agency D6, was tested in Barcelona Street Project, where people used the product while touring places like La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, Gaudi, in Gracia district. 

The technology allows tourists to experience the place you are visiting without the distractions of having a map or phone to get directions.

Further development of the of teh easyJet Sneakairs prototype will result in its future sale on board the airline's aircraft.

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