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Dutch designer creates Virtual Shoe Museum

Sep 26, 2013 Netherlands
Dutch designer creates Virtual Shoe Museum
An interested lover for shoes, with a passion for exhibitions, graphic designer Liza Snook always struggled with short footwear exhibitions, along with poor lighting and placement of parts.
The eagerness to improve the conditions of the exhibits led the designer to collect 25 years of material on the subject. The big dream - to offer the public an exhibition which would be modern, constantly updated, and could be seen anywhere in the world. Thus The Virtual Shoe Museum project was born. 

With an online platform updated daily, Liza (compose neatly) neatly composed all the information. You can the products by color, material, purpose, type and style. Each visitor can choose his own route into the museum. 

In addition the virtual museum has become a preferred means of communication between designer, manufacturer and shoe lover.

Currently, there are over 1000 images of various parts of the world  in The Virtual Shoe Museum, all of them are accompanied by an informative text. A study is now creating an online store for the museum.

You can visit the museum at:

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