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Coronavirus to impact US mall traffic

Mar 6, 2020 United States
Coronavirus to impact US mall traffic
A survey conducted by Coresight Research revealed that nearly three-quarters of US consumers would avoid malls or shopping centres if the coronavirus outbreak worsens in the country
As reported by Coresight Research, facing fears of a global coronavirus pandemic spreading, US consumers are already becoming cautious.

Over a quarter of respondents say they already limiting trips to public places, avoiding them altogether or changing travel arrangements. Among those currently changing their behaviour, 47% said they are avoiding or limiting visits to shopping centres/malls.

If the situation worsens (or even the perception of the situation), US consumers could dramatically change habits to reduce the risk of infection, and this could hit retailers hard: among respondents likely to change their behaviour if the outbreak worsens, 75% expect to avoid malls — with this type of location topping the list of those to be avoided.

Besides the hardest hits of malls and shopping centres, restaurants, theatres and other discretionary spending destinations could also be hit, according to the survey by Coresight Research.

Sources: Coresight Research; FDRA

Image credits: Michael Weidemann on Unsplash

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