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Chanel closes production sites

Mar 20, 2020 France
Chanel closes production sites
The France-based luxury house announced it has decided to close its core production sites in three European countries: France, Italy and Switzerland, either completely or partially
With the French authorities considering extending its two-week lockdown to try to slow the coronavirus pandemic, Chanel became the latest luxury brand to make an announcement regarding the Covid-19 situation.

In a statement issued and released to Fashion Network the French-based house confirmed that it: “has taken the decision, in accordance with the latest government instructions, to close for two weeks, and gradually, all of its production sites in France, Italy and Switzerland (Watchmaking) as well as its Haute Couture work-shops and Ready-to-Wear, Crafts and Jewellery”.

Such closure will be either complete or partial in some cases, as some sites will require at least security personnel, and some distribution sites will operate at minimum with a very limited presence of employees in order to ensure business continuity when this is imperative.
Chanel had already closed down all its boutiques in France and Italy, as those countries implemented lock-down measures and following official decrees. The company generalized telework for employees who work in offices or production sites.

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