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Business Conditions Survey First Semester 2023

Business Conditions Survey First Semester 2023
Report with the main conclusions of the World Footwear Business Conditions Survey - First Semester 2023, conducted in April 2023.

Published in June 2023

In 2019 the World Footwear has created the World Footwear' expert panel and is now conducting a Business Conditions Survey every semester. The objective of the World Footwear Experts Panel Survey is to collect information regarding the current business conditions within the worldwide footwear markets and then to redistribute such information in a way it will provide an accurate overview of the situation of the global footwear industry.

Executive Summary
Business Context
Health of the Business
Employment Level
Retail Channels
Global Footwear Consumption to Increase by 7.8%
Online Business Marketing Tools gain Importance after Covid-19
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