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Ageing is leading to more demand for health-related footwear

Jun 16, 2017 / World
Ageing is leading to more demand for health-related footwear
Expectancy of life continues to increase and footwear companies should adapt their production to meet the needs of the population
The continuous scientific and technological developments suggest that life expectancy will continue to increase in most countries. Plus, in developed countries birth rates have been low for many years. In this scenario, it seems obvious that seniors will represent a big slice of the footwear market.

If nothing changes, in a few years, footwear companies will have to treat seniors differently, as they have different needs when compared to other market segments. This means they should adapt production and create footwear that fits them (seniors).

Note that, seniors already represent a market opportunity in some regions, such as Europe, where a large slice of the population is over 65 years old and has a high purchasing power.

What do seniors need?

Footwear for seniors should be comfortable and even orthopedic. More than aesthetics, seniors are worried about their mobility and health. They want footwear that helps them walking and doesn’t cause any pain. But, this doesn’t mean producers shouldn’t do comfortable and attractive shoes anyway!

Producers can also improve footwear for seniors by including accessibility features in shoes, such as simpler zippers and easy-to-read labels.

The best way to adapt to seniors preferences is to simply treat them as another market segment. Create a new product line that takes into consideration all aspects mentioned before. Also, perform market research and monitor competitors to understand what is already being done.

Adapt your design, production, and distribution. This way it’s guaranteed you’ll offer seniors something they really value.