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Bolflex, innovative solutions

Apr 23, 2018 Portugal
 Bolflex, innovative solutions
Bolflex is a market leader company, expert in the footwear components sector, with consolidated skills in the production and supply of soles for the main players within the European footwear industry
The Bolflex project began in 1992 with CEO and founder António Ferreira. Back then, Bolflex started with merely 4 rubber press machines and 6 employees, producing soles for a single client. It produced around 1 000 pairs a day. 25 years later, Bolflex is one of the largest manufacturers of its kind in Europe.

With its accumulated know-how, its extensive experience and modern machinery, the main focus is in the production of rubber soles. Though the company has became an expert in rubber products, they can also manufacture in other types of materials, always giving it a high level of quality and design.

Over these years of work, Bolflex has developed its processes always incorporating new and different needs. Gaining further experience, being aware of the needs of their clients and evolution of the markets, of the trends and constant changes in the footwear sector, it was driven to make an investment in new facilities and resources. More than clients, the company likes to think about partners and with that in mind they put an indisputable level of commitment to the individual projects of each of its business partners.

Bolflex has ability to manufacture around 20 000 pairs a day. Having their own facilities for Design, Development of Products, Prototyping, Sampling and Mould Carving allows them to be one of the most effective, fast and competitive suppliers of the footwear industry.

For more information about Bolflex please refer to the company’s website.

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