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Fimec ends on a positive note

Mar 21, 2024 Brazil
Fimec ends on a positive note
The latest edition of the Brazilian trade fair Fimec attracted around 20 000 visitors interested in innovative solutions for hides and leather, chemicals, components, machinery and technology
The 47th edition of Fimec (International Fair of Leather, Chemicals, Components, Machines and Equipment for Footwear and Tanneries), held in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, from the 12th to the 14th of March, brought together several companies and professionals from all over the world in search of innovative solutions and business partnerships in the Brazilian and Latin American markets. According to the organisation, a total of 20 000 visitors passed through the fair’s pavilions, which hosted 400 exhibitors, distributed around an area of 14 thousand square meters.

During the 3 days of the trade fair a high movement in the corridors was visible, with permanent dynamic interaction between visitors and exhibitors. Events such as the CICB Sustainability Forum, held on the second day of the trade show, and the Concept Factory exhibition were some of FIMEC's most relevant add-ons on this edition. 

“We delivered a great fair. Well organized and within the expectations of exhibitors and visitors”, shared Fenac’s CEO, Márcio Jung. “We managed to bring in a very qualified audience, including a lot of foreign visitors”, he added, concluding that it was the result of Fenac’s work in recent years to increase its presence and visits to fairs in neighbouring countries.  

The presence of Asian companies as exhibitors was another significant feature of this year’s Fimec. “We produce around 900 million pairs of shoes a year, so Brazil is the centre of footwear production in Latin America. Fimec, as an international trade fair, is a platform that allows the Eastern market to meet and sell to international Latin American customers”, explained Jung.

Fimec Lançamentos Award

The event hosted the 20th edition of the Fimec Lançamentos Award, one of the most comprehensive awards in the leather and footwear sector, promoted by Grupo Sinos through the Jornal Exclusivo newspaper and Lançamentos magazine, in partnership with Fenac Experiências Conectam. The award recognised 12 cases of sustainability and innovation in the products, solutions, machines and technologies presented at the exhibition.

The winners were: Karina Plásticos (components), Artecola (components), Killing (components), Empório Yurgel (leather), Maxitex (sustainability), RR Componentes (sustainability), Camaleoa Indústria Têxtil (innovation), FCC (innovation), Wolfstore (innovation), Hikemaq (machinery), Máquinas Sazi (machinery), and Mecsul (machinery). 

The Footwear Pact

Fimec was also the stage for the presentation of the Footwear Pact, a movement which aims to unite and promote collaboration between all the players in the footwear cluster in the Sinos and Paranhana valleys, in the Grande Rio do Sul, southern Brazil.

“We need to join hands, minds and efforts to expand and use the region’s full potential to produce more shoes”, said Marlos Schmidt, chairman of Fenac's Board of Directors and president of The Footwear Pact. “More than that – he urged –, we need to restore our pride in being one of the world’s leading footwear producers and communicate that to everyone”.

The next edition is now scheduled to take place from the 18th to the 20th of March 2025.

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