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José Sanchís Busquier, FICE’s President, live on World Footwear

Mar 17, 2015
José Sanchís Busquier, FICE’s President, live on World Footwear
World Footwear spoke to the President of the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE) to discuss the current state of the footwear industry in the country and to know more about the event Co-Shoes
According to the numbers released by the Spanish Federation, exports of Spanish footwear have reached a record of 2 640.5 million euros (154.2 million pairs). These numbers reflect an increase of 17% in value and 14% in quantity. Exporting its products to almost 180 countries, Spain has the EU as the main market, representing 76% in the total sales abroad, 120 million pairs valued at 2 015 million euros, and reaching a growth rate of 20% in value and 16% in quantity. Main destinations are France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Portugal.

Sales to countries outside the EU represent 24% in the total Spanish footwear exports, and grew by 8% in value. The US and Japan are the main destinations.

This good performance of the Spanish industry last year was the starting point for our conversation with Mr Jose Sanchis Busquier, the President of FICE, the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries.
What is the balance of the performance of the Spanish industry in 2014?
We have just been given the sector data for 2014 and it is very positive; the figures reflect one of the best years in the history of Spanish footwear and confirms that companies feel that looking abroad is a safe bet. In 2014 Spain reached record exports with an increase of 17% on the previous year; which means that over 150 million people worldwide wore Spanish shoes.

What are the perspectives of the Spanish footwear industry for 2015? What new markets will be the focus of the Spanish attention?
The outlook is optimistic. We export to over 170 countries, but the goal is diversification. We particularly want to focus on Asia where we only reach 7% of exports, and this does not correspond to the level of growth in these markets. The US is also a priority market, it is experiencing a positive development and we must continue to build on the favourable euro/dollar exchange rate. South America is also a target market, but in the medium term.

What balance can be done from the 1st edition of the Co Shoes Workshop held last year?
Co_Shoes originally launched last year with the purposes of providing a meeting point for outsourcing services and retailer brands. It was a successful debut because of the organisation, the exhibitors and visitors. The exhibitors of the 1st edition were satisfied with the results; proof of this is that only one month after the event, 70% of companies had already booked their space for the next event. With regard to visitors, 200 new professionals, in addition to last year's participants, have already registered for next April's event. With the growth in demand for quality production, Co_Shoes achieves perfect timing as the "made in Spain" and "made in Europe" labels are now seen as a guarantee of high quality products. And what better than a platform so that manufacturing companies that produce international brands, major retailers, chain stores and designers can present their needs and projects in the footwear and leather goods sector.

What will be the main changes for the next event?
The next event will be used to analyse the real impact Co_Shoes is having on exhibitors and visitors. Some of the "physical" changes include moving into hall 2 of the Trade Fair Area which has a larger surface area and better features. In regard to the content, there is an emphasis on visits from professionals who are members of our target countries, and on "match-making" between exhibiting companies and potentially interested visitors who have previously enquired about specific services. One difference with this next event is that it will not coincide with the complimentary Futurmoda workshop due to the dates. But the idea is to move forward together as much as possible because interesting synergies between the two events have been established.

Can you tell us the main arguments to convince our readers to visit the event in April?
The main argument is the very purpose of the Workshop, which is dedicated to outsourcing and retailer brands. A convenient meeting platform, away from business events on the international circuit, which brings together a significant number of companies that offer services and that are open to establishing contracts of various types to meet the needs of those who wish to produce in Southern Europe, whether large international or national brands, shoes or clothing companies that are looking to complement their collections with footwear and leather goods, domestic and foreign designers, industry chain stores, etc. In short, all those who are looking for new suppliers for their own brands or to launch new projects will find that Co_Shoes is the perfect fit.

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