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Maria Eugenia Errobidarte: greenwashing will slowly start to disappear

Dec 27, 2022 United Kingdom
Get to know Maria Eugenia Errobidarte, Director of Insight @ HYPEBEAST (platform for contemporary culture and lifestyle), who has been working on projects focusing on luxury fashion


Sustainability is one of the biggest topics that everyone should bear in mind. Either that is even utilising deadstock and reusing and finding new ways of reusing old materials and deadstock that otherwise would go to waste. Or even recyclability. You can even thing of packaging, which I think usually goes really unnoticed as people always think about the product and not about the packaging that goes around it. And even further than that, even the way you manufacture and all the different “tunnels” that product needs to go through: there are different new short ways that could, also, definitely impact for the better to the ecosystem.

Brands and Sustainability

The brands are really picking up that it is becoming a real issue. I think even the way things are being embed, when you look now into garments and clothes from anywhere in any shop. Even the labelling is becoming much more serious. I can even say that the level of certification is being embed also by brands, that is almost a way of demonstrating that they are all listening, that they are taking it seriously. So, definitely, you would want to watch it as well: I mean, the new certifications in the industry.


I think that brands are becoming much more aware that greenwashing is definitely something that they cannot get away with it, especially if you think about younger generation, and if you think of Gen Z and Millennials. They will definitely stand up and respond, to make it public, and as much as possible, how greenwashing is being applied by brands. So, I think that definitely there is going to be a move away from that. And not only for that reason, but I even think there is an opportunity for brands to make money from sustainability. So, by nature, I just genuinely think that greenwashing will slowly start to disappear and then we will be seeing real sustainability shine through.

Footwear Industry Trends

I would say that sustainability is definitely the biggest one to watch out for, because of the new materials emerging, even if we look into leathers. Not necessary even to be vegan leathers, which could technically be a PU, but things such as mushroom leather or even from fruit waste leather. So, there is definitely an opportunity there in rethinking materials usage for the footwear market.

Gen Z

They definitely are coming prepared as they reach adulthood. I would say that they will definitely open up, they will speak up for what they believe, so that is the element that I would say that brands need to watch out most closely. Especially because they will respond in the same way, they will resonate, they will respond positively for the brands they believe in, and they think are really aligned to their values. They will respond negatively around those that won’t. As a brand try 100% to get your narrative right but also your engagement, think about the platforms you are on, think of Tik Tok, think of Decentraland, think of Roblox. Think about all these different applications which have emerged very recently and are becoming a real tool for that conversation with the consumer.

This interview was recorded during the last edition of Expo Riva Schuh in June 2022.

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Note: At the time we made this interview Maria Eugenia was Senior Consultant at trend forecasting company WGSN

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