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Portuguese Shoes with new campaign

Jan 17, 2020 Portugal

Portuguese Shoes Campaign 2020 - We are the FOOTure

The Portuguese Footwear, Components and Leather Goods Manufacturers' Association (APICCAPS) presented the new Portuguese Shoes campaign for 2020

"Times change, wills change, people change, trust changes; Everything is composed of change, always taking on new qualities. We are those who have crossed the deserts, the forests and the seas. We are the ones who think... discover and reconfigure the notion of the world. We are the brave, we are whole and unique, together we embrace the sea, and with it we navigate all adventures. We are the ones raised from the ground who think that all change is the future and all the future is change".

The motto for the new image campaign of the Portuguese Footwear Industry is given.

Brave, unique and with a constant search for better ways of doing things and creating amazing new products, the Portuguese Footwear Industry always has an eye in the future challenges and has a taste to turn it into new opportunities. As they say: "We are the story of what we want to become, we are the change and a desire for the future".

In 2020, the Portuguese Shoes campaign also highlights sustainability as a key objective for the future of the industry. The Portuguese industry, which remains the sexiest in Europe, already celebrated 10 years of communication campaigns, and now created a movement to integrate sustainability into the daily lives of all its players. In fact, back in December the Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers' Association has presented a new Action Plan focused on Sustainability READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.

Watch the video and check the Portuguese Shoes website by following this LINK.

To follow the Portuguese Shoes YouTube Channel click HERE.

Image credits: Portuguese Shoes / APICCAPS

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